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SSAS Management

SSAS Management
Pole Star Space Application


    In a security situation, rapid response is vital. Polestar's SSAS Management reduced visual distractions and focused on what is important to you - ensuring your vessel and crew are safe. The reliable web-based and mobile applications allow you to manage alerts and tests from your office, home or mobile, to give you confidence that, in the event of an incident, you are ready to respond immediately, no matter where you are.
    SSAS Management automatically displays alerts, tests and position reports from the onboard SSAS hardware in the web-based SSAS Management service to give you complete situational awareness in the event of a security situation.
    • Freedom to manage incidents anywhere, anytime, from any device
    • Efficient fleet-wide SSAS management in a single system
    • Simple online management of alert/ test recipients
    • Ideal for CSOs, DPAs, technical superintendents and other security personnel
    • Control tests according to your business rules
    • Instantly review operational efficiency with archive and reports
    • Flexibility to create unlimited test and alert notification recipients
    • Reduce OPEX by reducing the need for technicians
    • Integrate Pole Star DSAS Mk2 and third-party SSAS hardware
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