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P1066 True Wind Interface

P1066 True Wind Interface
Walker Marine


    The Walker P1066 True Wind Interface calculates True Wind Angle and Speed and also Theoretical Wind Angle and Speed from the best available data.Using any combination of NMEA 0183 “VBW”, “VHW”, “HDT”, “VTG” and “MWV” (Relative) sentences, input on any of the three input channels, the P1066 extracts data which is then used to calculate True and Theoretical Wind Angle and Speed.
    This resultant data is then sent to Output Channel 1 (on EMC socket) and Output Channel 3 connection terminals, as NMEA “MWV” (Theoretical) and NMEA “MWD” sentences. Any NMEA 0183 “VBW”, “VHW”, “HDT”, “VTG” and “MWV” (Relative) sentences seen on input channels 1, 2 and 3, are checked for validity and passed through to output channels 1 and 3, at a rate of 1 per second.
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