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Intelligent Wind Alarm System - IWAS

Intelligent Wind Alarm System - IWAS
Walker Marine


    The function of the IWAS unit is to monitor wind speed with safety indicators whilst vessels are anchored at a quayside. If the wind speed increases over a specified adjustable marker, the IWAS unit alerts the operator with a series of visual and audible alarms. In addition, the IWAS system can also perform operational auto shutdown of specified plant and  machinery. The unit will then continue to monitor wind levels and maintain shutdown until the wind level drops below another adjustable hysteresis marker.
    The resulting use of IWAS importantly acts to avoid accidental injury to crew, vessel and quayside damage. It also avoids any environmental damage from oil spills caused by wind conditions that create extreme sea swells. IWAS is a Lilley and Gillie ‘flag ship’ wind monitoring system that is the natural step to bridging a gap in quayside safety.

    This system is compliance with EXXON Mobil requirement. 
    • A compact and stylish user friendly unit.
    • Easily installed and incorporated into an established bridge system.
    • Integral data logger.
    • 8Mb internal memory.
    • Data Logger.
    • USB port for data transfer and printing.
    • Wind speed displayed in relative and true speed.
    • Two level alarm system with settable optional hysteresis.
    • Individual alarm setup.
    • Variable alarm tone and volume.
    • Auto shutdown to relative plant or machinery option.
    • Unique touch menu display.
    • Display dimmer control.
    • Auto on facility.
    • Key Switch option
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