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Ice Navigator

Ice Navigator



    The sigma S6 ice navigator provides unsurpassed imaging of sea ice conditions in the vicinity of a vessel, greatly enhancing the ability to navigate efficiently and safely 24 hours a day irrespective of weather conditions. Sufficient detail is displayed to allow for optimized routing, enabling the ship to manoeuver around difficult areas, saving both time and fuel while minimizing the potential for ice damage.

    The sigma S6 radar processor provides high resolution ice images cost-effectively by making use of the ship's conventional navigation radar system. The sigma S6 radar processor and display can be interfaced to most existing X and S-band radars through a slave configuration mode eliminating the need for a separate radar system specifically for ice detection.

    With exceptional small target detection capability the sigma S6 can also be deployed as a powerful collision avoidance tool. Its ability to track up to 1000 targets in open water conditions is further enhanced by a dual track mode capability which enables simultaneous detection of slow-moving and high-speed targets. This is accomplished through the use of Rutter proprietary algorithms which optimize plot extraction signal processing on separate channels.

    The Rutter sigma S6 is also offered with an optional radar recording system which provides for full dynamic range and full resolution recording capability. Digital recording of live radar feeds is becoming mainstream technology for capturing the full context of marine incidents, for isolating best practices for training and simulation exercises and for post-incident investigation analysis. In short, the sigma S6 is a practical, easy to install system that pays its way by reducing fuel consumption, voyage time and hull damage. For all these reasons it's your best choice for ice navigation.

    • Ice Navigator is practical, easy to install and requires no ongoing costs or secondary support.
    • Full Systems - For optimum performance and flexibility we offer a full Sigma S6 Ice Navigation Radar with Transceiver and 3 KHz short pulse antenna.
    • Cost Effective Retrofit Solutions - Our systems interface with and significantly enhance most existing marine radars and can eliminate the need for a separate radar for ice navigation.
    • Recording Capability – Optional digital recording of radar feeds for training, simulation and incident analysis.
    • Advanced target tracking of up to 1000 targets (optional)


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