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Citadel Iridium 9555

Citadel Iridium 9555
Citadel Navcomm



    • The crew of the ship must have self-contained, independent, two way external communications. Sole reliance on VHF communications is insufficient.
    • The provision of communications is essential to the Citadel; without guaranteed communications there can be no consideration of military intervention. A two-way satellite communications system is recomended, powered from an independent source on board with the ability to provide communications for at least three days on an open line, as a minimum. 
    • In order to provide the ability to navigate towards a Military/Naval force, the routing of a GPS or even a slave radar feed to the Citadel may be beneficial.
    The Iridium 9555 is the evolution of trusted, reliable mobile communications. And it is connected to the only truly global mobile communications network. So anywhere on the planet you need to be,the Iridium 9555 is always connected and backed by unmatched network quality and world-class technical support. 


    Citadel Iridium 9555 consist of the following
    One   Iridium 9555 Handset
    One   AC travel Charges with Int’l plug kit
    One   Antenna, Portable auxiliary
    One   Adapter, 9555 adapter
    One   Hands-free headset
    One   User guide
    One   Leather Holster
    One   Rechargeable Li-Ion battery
    One   USB to Mini USB cable
    One   9555 data CD
    One   Fixed Mast Antenna
    One   40m antenna cable with 1m Fly lead
    One   Disguise Antenna Cover
    NOTE: The antenna cable can be extended to 100m , however there would be a need to change the passive antenna to active antenna.
    • Industrial-grade design for unparalleled durability
    • Compact physical footprint for streamlined portability
    • Intuitive user interface for out-of-the-box functionality
    • Enhanced SMS and email messaging capability
    • Integrated speakerphone
    • Headset and hands-free capability
    • Internally stowed antenna
    • Mini-USB data port and support for phone as modem
    • 21 supported menu languages


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